Every artist strives to establish a unique voice, a sound that speaks above the fray and communicates even timeless ideas in a new way. Sometimes that goal is best reached when it is unintentional. Organic. Sometimes, that unique voice rings the most true from one who doesn’t have to try to be fresh and different because, without her even realizing it, she’s anything but standard.

Becca Bradley’s path to music is as fascinating as it is uncommon. Her primary concert instrument is not the ubiquitous acoustic guitar, but the cello. She moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University not (like so many) to pursue a career in Christian music; she wasn’t even a Christian yet. In fact, she played the Dove Awards at 18 years old, before she really even knew what a Dove Award was. 

Looking back, it’s clear that God had placed in Becca a spark of creativity and the talents to use that spark to make music. Even as a high school student advancing to the highest national levels in cello performance, she found more and more that the routine of playing exactly what was written on the page threatened to smother that spark. 

At the same time, her family had moved to Arkansas, giving Becca her first taste of the Bible Belt and some of her first encounters with Christian families. “I remember being so drawn to the light in these people,” Becca recalls. “Even going into the homes of my friends who were Christians, to step into a home where a family can just love each other so much… it was one of those moments where I thought, this person has something I don't have, and I need to find out what it is.” That introduction made attending a Christian college less intimidating. In fact, she was intrigued. 

Once she found Christ, Becca knew the source of that creative drive, and music took on new meaning. Having played alongside such notable artists as Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and various other accomplished bands and artists, she spent a year on tour with Francesca Battistelli, playing and singing in the background—making appearances on national shows like Good Morning America and Fox & Friends

Becca also had the opportunity to perform with other artists on the nationally televised CMA Awards and several CMA Country Christmas specials, before connecting with Jason Gray for a Christmas tour in 2014. Along the way, Becca had been writing songs, but she kept them quietly to herself. In her mind, she was a cellist, a background vocalist. Not surprisingly, God saw something different. He began to convict Becca that she had a message for His people, and a unique set of talents through which to share it. Gray came alongside, including Becca as an artist for several dates and encouraging her to promote her own music. 

One listen to Becca’s songs confirms that this is an artist who needs to be heard. Her songs and voice are infused with remarkable emotional range, and she, not too far removed from the seeker’s questions, points to a Jesus who is undeniably compelling to those first hearing the gospel.

“I feel called to write songs that use the timeless Truth of God to speak into relevant issues in the culture and to live a transparent and honorable life in order to be an example of authentic Christianity to the world.” – Becca


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