Book Quest

WILDFIRE7 is seeking a yet-to-be-released book property that will be adapted into a faith-based motion picture to be directed by filmmaker-in-residence Joshua Butler.  

Butler and WILDFIRE7 are seeking a story that is based on or inspired by true-life events.  Ideally it is told as a first-person account, either as a memoir or a more formalized autobiography.  The author/narrator is preferably a ''millennial'' female (under the age of 35) who is telling her story about coming of age at the end of the 20th Century/beginning of the 21st Century.  Perhaps most importantly, the story should have at its heart a powerful theme of redemption.  The author might have had a harrowing life of sin and struggle, but at a critical moment, she is redeemed by the power of faith. 

The quest for this very specific story springs from a desire on the part of Butler and WILDFIRE7 to use the medium of cinema to ignite, empower, serve the Church and influence the culture.  This is an era when Church attendance-especially among millennials-is at a historic low.  In other words, the image of ''old-school'' Christianity is just not resonating with many of today's youth.  A story about a young person who finds her way to the Church and is positively transformed by faith would speak to the 18 to 34-year-old demographic-the most ardent of moviegoers-and help redefine and reintroduce Christianity in a ''new-school'' way. 

The reason for desiring an upcoming property and not one that is already published goes to the very heart of what WILDFIRE7 is as a company. Rather than relying on existing brands, WILDFIRE7 wants to use its talents and resources to create exciting NEW brands.  By becoming involved with a book before its release, the team can make a motion picture that will promote the book in an epic way, design an original soundtrack for the film using its strong relationships with faith-based singers and songwriters, engage youth pastors across America to be part of the film's development process, and ultimately employ cross-platform strategies to market the finished product to both Christian and secular audiences. 

The goal is ultimately to find a story that can be adapted into a powerful and transformative movie that speaks to believers and non-believers across generations.